The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 150.

The registration system (online: www.pgawctatlisu.com) will be closed when the total number of participating pilots reaches 150.


2- Entry Fee

The Entry fee will be 50 Euros.

The Entry fee includes:

  1. Name badge and safety/contact information.
  2. Transport to take-off for official training day and on competition days. And pick up airport service
  3. Daily Lunche package, water on official training day and on competition days.
  4. T-shirt.
  5. Free internet (Wi-Fi) access.
  6. Emergency rescue and first aid medical service.

Entry fees are to be paid at the registration office located at the competition site.



Pre-registration for all pilots will be opened on the PGAWC offical website until February 14th, 2018

On registration day, pilots must report to registration office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary information.

Required documents:

  1. National Association membership card ( min p4 level / advance pilot)
  2. FAI License
  3. Documentary proof in English of valid insurance
  4. PGAWC ID Card


4- Accomadiation:

Visit this web page: Accommodation or look for your own preferred accomodition close to the village Tatlisu where the competition will be held.


5- Transportation:

Transportation to Cyprus:

Direct flights from Turkey to Ercan Airport/ North Cyprus or direct flights from EU countries to Tukey or Larnaka Airport / South Cyprus for EU Citizens only. However, we will NOT provide airport transfer from Larnaka.

Pick you up from Airport:
Book online transfer service: Accommodation



Every Pilot is responsible for the working- condition and safety of equipment. Equipment must comply with pilot qualification. It is necessary to have a helmet suitable for paragliding, a rescue parachute.


7-Contest number

The contest number will be drawn at random.

The number will be supplied by the organizer.


8-Safety Committee

The Safety Committee will include 3 competition pilots from different countries.


9- Competition Site

Location: Tatlısu, Kyrenia

Location URL: https://goo.gl/maps/m9UALetqNfL2

Altitude: Take-off 160m (Hill take off)



–    Number of rounds: maximum six (6) rounds per competition.
–    Validation: minimum one round have to be completed to validate a competition.
–    Competition has to be judged by team of skilled judges who are led by international judge,
–    PGAWC Technical delegate helps competition director that competition runs smoothly and take care that one hour after final round, results are published on  internet,


Teams of pilots, who announce their participation to PGAWC before start of a competition season, will have privilege status. This status can be achieved also before start of other competitions in PGAWC season and teams which will announce their participation will have a more privilege space.
This means:
–    on a web site www.pgawc.org teams can publish team name and team logo,
–    in a subtitle teams can prepare a short description of team, list of a team members and their sponsor,
–    at each competition site, teams have a right to place their advertisement material.
In order to achieve this status, teams have to announce this latest 7 days before competition.

12-PGAWC scoring and prizes:
–    Individual competition: if there is five or more valid rounds, the worst individual score is dropped,
–    Team competition, team consists of four pilots or more but only four of them compete at one team competition. Pilots can not change the team during the season.
–    Team scoring: three (3)  best team members scores from each round counts toward team result for that round, there is no score dropping after 5th round in team scoring.
–    Final PGAWC tour ranking for individual and for team ranking: best 2/3 round results from whole PGAWC tour in one season counts toward final ranking for that season.

13- Competitor`s obligations:
–    Competitor must have a valid FAI sporting license and third party insurance,
–    Competitor has to apply for competition at www.pgawc.orgor Organizer internet site and fulfill entry form,
–    With this form competitor confirms participation at the competition. In case for some reason competitor would not been able to attend, he/she has to remove registration, latest 7 days before competition, or will be sanctioned by 15€ penalty.


14-PGAWC coordination fond:


1st place: 500 euros

2nd place: 300 euros

3rd place:200 euros

Cups, medals and gifts for categories female and teams.


15-Wind speed

The maximum permitted wind speed, will be 7 m/s.


16-Take-off rules

Pilots will be launched at timed intervals to ensure adequate separation during final approach and landing, according to the conditions. The launch interval shall be 1.5 minutes between pilots adjusted by the Launch Marshal.

Pilots must fly in the drawn flying order unless they have prior permission from the Launch Marshal.

Tardiness (absence) of the pilot in the established flying order to the starting line will be liable to a maximum score penalty in this attempt.

If a Pilot is failed to take-off three times by his own fault, he will be liable to a maximum score penalty in lieu of their score for that round.

The next two Pilots should be completely ready for a take-off with the same time as the prior Pilot, so in case of false start they can replace him.


17-Flying/Last approach

No acrobacy is allowed during the flight even if it is for quick reduction of the altitude.

The pilot is deemed to have started the final approach when, having turned to face the target, the Event Judge considers that the pilot has made his final commitment to making an approach to the target and is not expectingto have to make any significant changes of direction. Any further manoeuvres undertaken by the pilot from this position will not detract from the above factor.

The official signal for pilots in the air to fly away from the target for safety reasons is that a person or persons on the target will clearly wave a red signal flag.


A pilotmay only request a re-launch following the disputed flight by applying to the Event Judge at the target before signing for his score. The pilot must register his request for re-launch with the Recording Judge before communicating with any other person (with the exception of the Chief and Event Judges).

The wind speed exceeds the specified limit during the time of 30 seconds before the pilot lands. The pilot will be automatically offered a re-launch. The pilot may choose to accept the score achieved or accept a re-launch. The pilot must make a decision immediately.

The target is obscured during a pilot’s final approach and the pilot does not attempt to land on the target. The pilot may indicate (point or call out) the obstruction as he lands.

The judges are unable to agree an accurate score for any reason.

The pilot changes his flight plans for safety, and does not then attempt to land on the target.

If there is any significant external distraction which demonstrably affects the pilot’s target approach.

At the Judges’ discretion on the grounds of a technical problem or abnormal conditions. This may be a failure with equipment (e.g. a broken steering line or a big tuck during the flight) which is not a result of the pilot’s poor preflight check, or massive sink such that a pilot is unable to reach the target or arrives with insufficient height to make a reasonable final approach. A re-launch may be authorised provided that the pilot does not attempt to fly to the target and/or he makes a signal that must be described in the Local Regulations.

19- Complaints and Protests

Complaint can be delivered orally to the Event Director and/or Chief Judge.
Decision to appeal shall be taken by a Pilot individually immediately after landing and before discussing a problem with others.

If a protestor is not satisfied by the result, he can give his protest in written form to Event Director. The protest shall be given in 2 hours  after informing about the results of oral protest.
Giving the written protest shall be paid by 35 euros deposit. If a protest is satisfied the deposit is given back.

20- Penalties and other general rules

Penalties In accordance with Section 7C.


21. Staff

Meet director: Hakan Cici

Co-director: Hakan Djuma

Technical Delegate: Vladimir Jankovic

International Chief Judge: Uga Jondzic

Other satff will be written soon.